1. Functions

Advising and assisting the Director of the Department in coordinating activities according to the work plan of the Department and carrying out the work of staff organization, administration, administration, legal, finance and accounting.

2. Duties and powers:

a) Process information, provide information to the Board of Directors of the Department regularly, promptly and accurately and assist the Director of the Department in implementing the information regime and reporting to superior agencies as prescribed.

Coordinate with functional agencies in disseminating and implementing state legal documents as assigned by the Director of the Department; communicate the decision of the Director of the Department to specialized departments, subordinate units and related agencies.

Perform other duties duties performed by the Director of the Department allot.

b/ The organization of cadres:

- Advising and proposing plans for building and consolidating the entire apparatus of the Department of Information and Communications, organizational structure model, drafting functions and tasks of departments;

- Advising on the planning and formulation of staffing quotas; at the same time allocate staffing quotas for each unit;

- Advising the Director in appointing, dismissing and dismissing civil servants in accordance with regulations on management decentralization.

- Advising and making proposals in the formulation of plans, selection and examination of employees; arrange, arrange, receive, assign and assign tasks to ensure a balance suitable to professional qualifications and capacity;

- Advising on planning, training, fostering, promotion and appointment of managerial staff;

- Handling personnel procedures for studying, traveling or working abroad.

- Prepare and store personal records and organize the management of CBCC records.

Implementation of policies and regimes towards employees:

- Implement policies and regimes as prescribed by the State for employees under the Department of Information and Communications (social insurance, health insurance, policy regimes for employees...).

- Implement the plan to raise regular salary levels, raise seniority allowances beyond the bracket, raise salaries ahead of time, raise quotas and transfer staff quotas.

- Monitor and manage annual leave for employees;

Emulation, reward and discipline:

- Monitor and implement the work of emulation, reward and discipline of CBCC;

- Standing Committee for Emulation, Reward and Discipline.

c) Administrative work:

Clerical, archivist:

- Receive, classify and transfer incoming dispatches after receiving approval from the Board of Directors of the Department; organization of dispatch archives (incoming dispatches, outgoing dispatches, types of decisions); confidentiality, seal retention, seal work; typing, document signer; pass the dispatch.

- To examine the modalities and procedures in the issuance of documents of the Department; advise on the cancellation of documents that are no longer relevant in accordance with the guidelines.

Administrative work:

- Schedule weekly work as assigned by the Department Board of Directors.

- Implement the work of receiving and returning documents at the "one-stop" department.

Administrative reform:

Organize the implementation of administrative reform and control of administrative procedures under the competence of the Department of Information and Communications.

d) Governance:

- Planning and implementation of equipment for work, purchase of stationery, newspapers and delivery to units; plan to use cars for work and repair and maintenance of automobiles.

- Serving conferences, meetings, receiving guests and drinking water for all civil servants; sanitary work and bonsai care; carry out repair work of electricity, water, telephone,...

- Organize the inventory and assessment of assets in terms of quantity and situation of asset management and land use of the agency and the whole Department.

- Perform protection work, standing agency 24/24 hours, fire prevention and fighting work of the department.

e) Perform the legal work of the Department.

- Coordinate with relevant units in reporting, reviewing and systematizing legal documents related to branches and fields of State management.

- Coordinate with departments in examining and processing legal documents related to branches and fields of State management.

- Coordinate with relevant units in planning and organizing the implementation of long-term and annual legal propaganda and education within branches and fields of state management.

- Keep track of new or expired legal documents, amendments and supplements.

- Comment on draft documents sent by departments.

- Monitor and report on the progress of the plan to develop legal documents of relevant units in the field of management of the Department of Information and Communications.

f) Finance and Accounting work:

- Guide the development and synthesis of budget estimates for administrative activities, annual and 5-year operating budgets.

- Make decisions on the allocation of operating funds for offices of departments and affiliated units at the beginning of the year and supplement or adjust funds (if any).

- Manage and supervise the implementation of the use and settlement of funding sources: Autonomous allocation funds (mineral funds); Wage reform funding; Incontinence Delivery Funding and Career Funding.

- Prepare financial statements and compare quarterly and annual expenditures with MPA and Department of Finance.

- Evaluate the use and preservation of state capital and assets assigned to the Department and its affiliated units in accordance with law.

- Declare personal income tax quarterly and finalize personal income tax at the end of the year.

- Manage the situation of collection and expenditure of non-business publications and fees; sources of fees for appraisal of investment projects; source of the Ombudsman's sanction.

- Manage and report on the use of receipts of fees and publications to tax authorities (publication department) monthly and year-end settlement.

- Complete procedures for payment of transfer and cash expenditures in accordance with the provisions of law.

- Coordinate with departments in estimating and settling arising work items (if any).

- Advise and submit to the Board of Directors and give suggestions to departments on contents related to accounting and financial work.

- Carry out asset inventory, annual asset depreciation assessment