Functions and tasks of the Media Center:

Organize press conferences, press and media events so that Party agencies, authorities at all levels, relevant agencies and units or organizations and individuals are allowed to hold press conferences in accordance with the provisions of law.

Organize the collection, synthesis and processing of information from press agencies. At the same time, perform the function of focal point to request city leaders and functional agencies to provide and orient information on pressing public opinion issues and pay attention to press agencies openly and transparently.

Receive, build and share databases of information from departments, departments, branches, districts, districts and other competent agencies to serve the provision of information to press agencies in and overseas.

Organize conferences, seminars, forums, exhibitions and other related events. To cooperate with domestic and foreign press agencies in the field of journalism and communication in accordance with the provisions of law.

Cooperate, train, retrain professionally, improve professional qualifications and moral qualities for the leadership team of press agencies, publishers, editors, reporters, technical staff; providing services to support professional activities of press and publishing agencies.

Coordinate with the Department of Foreign Affairs and functional units in activities related to information and press of foreign press in Ho Chi Minh City according to regulations.

Formulate and submit annual and medium-term operation plans of the Center and organizations for implementation after being approved. Carry out activities to support domestic and foreign newspaper reporters operating in Ho Chi Minh City who need to work, exchange and exchange in organizing press conferences, providing information and responding to information to the press.

Deploy, administer, operate, ensure information security and provide infrastructure rental services of Media Center for units in need.

Manage the organization, officers, officers and assets of the Media Center in accordance with the provisions of law and decentralization of the Director of the Department.

Perform other duties assigned by the City and the Director of the Department of Information and Communications.