The Ho Chi Minh City Center for Information and Communication Technology (HCMICTI) under the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City was established under Decision No. 5346/QD-UBND dated November 24, 2009 of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City and operates under Decision No. 586/QD-STTTT dated December 20, 2010 of the Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information and Communications. Ho Chi Minh City Information and Communication Technology Center is responsible for:

Carry out projects and work items in the fields of information, communication, publishing and journalism in accordance with the objectives, tasks and progress approved by competent agencies.

Consulting organization for formulation and management of investment projects, bidding consultancy, consultancy on supervision of the implementation of programs, construction of works, investment projects and work items in the fields of information, communication, publishing and press; Consulting, designing, supplying and developing software, hardware and digital content products, technology applications.

Organize research, design, program development, construction works, schemes and applications of scientific, technical and technological advances; deploy, administer, operate, maintain and maintain the city's information and communication infrastructure. Concrete:

- Research and propose regulations on testing application software and organize testing of application software for the operation of state agencies;

- Building, maintaining and developing the operation of websites; provide technical assurance for the public administrative service system of state management agencies;

- Deploy, manage, operate and maintain information and communication infrastructure systems.

Ensure network safety and information security in accordance with current laws:

- Organize the construction, management, exploitation and provision of digital signature certification services, cybersecurity and information security techniques for information systems, information resources and information technology products;

Coordinate with relevant agencies in ensuring telecommunications network safety, information safety and security.

Relations and cooperation with domestic and foreign units and organizations in the fields related to assigned tasks in accordance with the provisions of law:

- Organizing events, conferences, seminars, press conferences, exhibitions; disseminate and propagate policies of sectors, information technology applications and other fields within the scope of operation of the Center;

- Coordinate with domestic and domestic units (enterprises, schools, institutes, associations,...) in organizing training, fostering, guiding and transferring technical solutions, technologies and information technology application processes, publishing and journalism for organizations and individuals.

Perform other duties assigned by the Director of the Department of Information and Communications.